Melange polyester is characterized by its mottled effect that allows to achieve different shades both printing in plain and printed colors. It is perfect for upper garments due to its softness and elasticity, in addition to the difference in opacity thanks to its levels of shades gives a lot of character to the final garment.

Melange is the mixture of synthetic fibers of different color, it can be in 3 types:

Color+color, white+color and black+color.

The advantage of this yarn is that it avoids the process of dyeing the yarn and only goes through one wash.


– They are usually inexpensive

– Low breathability

– Accepts dyes and chemicals

– No warping, stretching or shrinking

– Resists discoloration

– Glossy appearance


It is generally used for the production of overalls, polo shirts and sportswear, also nowadays almost all workwear is made of melange polyester such as multi-pocket pants, shirts, vests, etc.