20 – 100 DENIER

Nylon is an elastic, resistant and rigid fiber.
By using it, the following benefits are obtained: breathing between the fabric, less stiffness, increased volume and cover absorbency, elasticity and elongation.
We provide different types of nylon and we work with guarantee brands that ensure the quality and reliability of the mentioned benefits.


– Strength: Nylon has good toughness and strength is not lost with age.

– Elasticity: Excellent elasticity would mean that nylon materials return to their original length and fragments wrinkles or folds.

– Thermal conductivity: They vary depending on the fabric construction and the type of nylon e.g. they are good for winter clothing, but are not suitable for summer garments. On the other hand, fabrics with open construction allow air circulation which makes the wearer feel cool.

– Absorbency: This property makes nylon fabrics suitable for raincoats and shower curtains.

– Affinity for dyes: Nylon can be easily dyed with a wider range of dyes. Dyed fabrics retain their color and have good fade resistance.


Nylon is very suitable for hosiery and knitting due to its softness, light weight and high strength. Nylon is a lustrous fiber currently used to make zippers, stockings and pantyhose.

It is also used in fabrics for underwear and sportswear, jackets, swimsuits, lace, ribbons, clothing linings, umbrellas, parasols, parachutes, safety belts, ponchos and military backpacks, curtains, etc.