120 – 1000 DEN

This yarn was made with the aim of achieving the appearance of silk. With the short fiber of high tenacity it is tried to obtain durable ironing fabrics.

These yarns have greater resistance, and are applied for the manufacture of fishing nets, cordage, cords, among others.

We have different types of polyester according to the capacity of the bobbins, deniers and color.


– It can be glossy or matte, due to the texturing, which confers a softer touch.

– It is less transparent than nylon

– It does not deform and is very combinable with other fibers such as viscose, cotton and nylon.

– It absorbs less humidity and more inks.

– It is very elastic.

– Very resistant to tearing and abrasion.


This thread is very versatile and can be used to make uniforms, sportswear and bags. It can also be used for embroidery on caps, t-shirts, aprons, advertising material, backpacks, tablecloths, shoes, etc..